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This class is offered at following Date/Time:

Cost $225.00/ person
Class Size: Maximum 12
Requirements: 300 rounds rifle
Location: Reno Guns & Range

Guest Instructor: Deryck Poole, Echo Five Training

Feature: Reality Based Training Scenarios

The Carbine Low Light Course is designed to expose students to an efficient method of defending themselves with a semi-automatic rifle during a dynamic critical incident in low light conditions. Though it is not a prerequisite it is recommended that students have attended CFC Combat Focus Carbine or Defensive Carbine instruction. The course will begin on the live fire range, developing skills with weapon mounted and handheld light system(s). The students will finish the day in our Reality Based Training room, utilizing their Carbine with our ATK simunition bolt (5.56/223) and marking cartridges in low light scenarios

The CFC Combat Focus Carbine course is available the day prior and if purchased together will receive a combo discounted price, Contact Jay Hawkins Training Manager for further. CFC is physically challenging course with a lot of activity and high round count.

We are sorry, there are no scheduled Date/Times for this class.