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This class is offered at following Date/Time:

Armed Home Defense Tactics

Cost $250.00/person

Class Size: Maximum 12

Taught by Guest Instructor Rob Pincus; PDN Tour Course

Requirements: 300 rounds of ammunition handgun, 100 rounds of ammunition rifle (Optional)

Additional equipment needed: Holster, Sling (rifle), 2 magazines & handheld flashlight

This course will introduce students to the fundamental tactics recommended for Armed Home Defense. This is not a CQB, Room Clear or other pseudo-team tactics course pulled from military or law enforcement doctrine for trained teams looking for threats. This course material is designed to be applied in the home, workplace or public building by one person, potentially with family or others, to evade a threat or move to a position of advantage as safely as possible or to engage a threat as efficiently as possible, using corners, concealment and cover to their advantage.

We are sorry, there are no scheduled Date/Times for this class.