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This class is offered at following Date/Time:

Cost $60.00/person
Class Size: Maximum 22

The Responding to Violence course is a collaboration between Reno Guns & Range and R.E.M.S.A. designed to educate the student how to best apply simple survival strategies and basic medical techniques when confronted with a surprising, chaotic and lethal event in a public environment. This class is for anyone who desires to better prepare themselves should a violent incident occur as a result of workplace violence, active/spree shooter or act of terrorism.

This comprehensive course starts in the classroom discussing Simple Survival Strategies, Psychological Reactions, Mindset, Pre-contact Indicators and Demystifying tools of Intimidation. After lunch Avery Balwin NREMT-P with R.E.S.M.A. covers understanding and responding to imminent traumatic injuries, controlling bleeding, the application of Tourniquets, Hemostatic Agents, Direct Pressure and Wound Packing along with other life saving techniques.

Students should bring a note pad, writting utensil and comfortable clothing with non aggressive soled shoes.

We are sorry, there are no scheduled Date/Times for this class.