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This class is offered at following Date/Time:

Safer Faster Knife - Advanced

Cost $125.00 per person

Duration: 9 hours

Class Size: Maximum 12

Prerequisites: Safer Faster Knife - Fundamentals

Feature: Guest Instructor Alessandro Padovani, Safer Faster Defense

Safer Faster Knife Defense provides a simple and intuitive training program that will quickly make you more efficient in deploying and using a knife in a modern defensive context. The focus is on tactics and proper mindset development to empower you to manage fear and apply the skills learned in the event of a lethal threat. Developing the proper mindset will make us more dangerous to the aggressor. This advanced course expands on the fundamentals in the context of a lethal encounter involving multiple subjects and/or the confrontation result in being taken to the ground.

We are sorry, there are no scheduled Date/Times for this class.