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Range Rules 

All shooters 18 yrs and older must present a valid ID

Bringing your firearm(s) into the range - Please have them in one of the following conditions:   

   - Cased

   - Holstered - may be loaded, must be on safe if applicable, and must remain holstered until you get to your lane.

Range Rules - You will be required to sign an acknowledgement that you read and understand the rules prior to using the range.

Range Commands

Minor Consent - Release Waiver 


Our facility offers 3 connected bays housing a total of (20) state of the art lanes with a focus on safety and comfort.

Our 4 Lane and 6 Lane bays are available to rent by the hour for your private use.  Prices include a Range Safety Officer.  

Membership not required. Please call to make a reservation.

  * 4 Lane - Group of 8 or less: $60 per hour plus non-member range fee (if applicable). 

                  - Group of 9 or more: $190 1st hour (includes daily range fee).  Additional hour(s): $60

  * 6 Lane - Group of 12 or less: $90 per hour plus non-member range fee (if applicable). 

                  - Group of 13 or more: $250 1st hour (includes daily range fee)  Additional hour(s): $90


All lanes offer:                                                                                               

  • 25 yards – Accommodates Handguns and Rifles (calibers up to and including .308.)

  • Meggitt - Next Generation Wireless Target System (XWT) GEN3 *

  • Custom HVAC system built to suit to minimize lead and other particulates **

  • Premier Range containment system by Paragon Tactical – Super Trap® ***

  • Rifle rated range, stalls and windows throughout

  • Several Adjustable height tables accommodate chair and wheelchair use.

  • Spacious lanes throughout(3'9"-4' wide)

  • Generous 14 ft area behind the shooting line

  • Competition grade lighting with dimming capabilities

  • Trained Range Safety Officer on the range


Our custom designed concrete block structure is the foundation that supports over 200,000 pounds of insulation, steel and rubber.  

This includes 10 gauge-galvanized steel and 3/8” AR-500 BHN steel throughout the backstop, overhead baffles, safety ceiling and tactical bay side walls.


* Meggitt - Next Generation Wireless Target System (XWT) GEN3 

The XWT is a 360o turning target retrieval system which moves along a rail system, powered by an internal direct-drive, dual-motor system, with anti-static wheels for quieter, smoother operation.

The XWT GEN3 pioneering technology provides a host of advantages:


  • No bulky, noisy drive motors above the shooter’s head 
  • No track-mounted power feed rails or wires to be impacted and damaged 
  • No debris in tracks to clean or interfere with target operation 
  • Programmable scenarios, including a variety of maneuvers can be programmed to allow users to engage in an assortment of scenarios, helping to develop skill sets and train more effectively.

** Custom HVAC system built to suit to minimize lead and other particulates

  • Our system is monitored electronically, both internally and remotely.
  • Routine maintenance assures the appropriate change of the pre-filters, mid-filters and Hepa filters.  


*** Premier Range containment system by Paragon Tactical – Super Trap® 

Our range is designed to protect shooters from:

  • Fragmentation
  • Ricochets
  • Lead Contamination & Fire


At the core:


Bullets are captured and contained within the bullet trap, which is made up of ballistic rubber media.

Additionally the rubber is treated with:

  • Gel-Cor®, a class “A” fire treatment
  • ELIxIR® (DOD governmentally approved fire retardant material that will verifiably immobilize lead to less than (3ppm) which is far below the EPA hazardous materials threshold of (5ppm)


Ballistic Rubber Tiles (BRTs) are used throughout the range on walls, ceiling and baffles. These high density rubber tiles

  • Eliminate ricochets and lead “splashback”
  • Minimize airborne lead pollution
  • Reduce noise levels


Along the walls and behind the BRTs, is an air pocket which allows stray rounds to freely drop to the floor for easy cleaning and lead mining.


**** Tactical bay for advanced training

Tactical Shooting Ranges are different from static, or traditionally, designed firing range layouts in order to simulate and safely accommodate modern weapons training aspects. The most prominent feature of a tactical firing range is the overall range baffle layout.  The ceiling baffles are lined in close proximity to each other with a ballistic plate overlap of about 8″.  Our ballistic rubber trap system is designed to shoot up close, or at various angles, within the 20′ to point blank range.  


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* Membership is not required - Open to the public **


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